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Busts, Tennessee Titans, Ryan Tannehill
Potential Busts: QB Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans
Ryan Tannehill shocked the world with a remarkable 2019 season, but he won't catch anybody by surprise in 2020.
Zachary Cohen
22 June, 2020

Ryan Tannehill and Tennessee’s coaching staff both deserve a lot of credit for the outrageous success the QB enjoyed while leading the NFL in passer rating and yards per attempt last season. It just doesn’t seem feasible, based on his career body of work, that he can come close to replicating that performance.

Tannehill signed a big contract to stay with the Titans during the offseason, and the supporting cast around him is pretty much the same. But Tannehill wasn't great during the postseason last year, which might have had something to do with teams having extra time to prepare for him. Tennessee obviously wanted to get Derrick Henry as many touches as possible, but it would have been nice to see Tannehill beat teams through the air before investing heavily in him for fantasy.