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The ultimate fantasy football tool first popularized as an ESPN Insider offering, the award-winning Draft Engine app uses proprietary algorithms and fully customized league-specific rankings and projections to help you dominate any fantasy football league. Don’t draft without it!

Customized league-specific rankings

Draft Engine’s renowned projections combine with your league’s specific scoring system to generate the most accurate and precise rankings possible. Simply enter your league settings, rev up the Engine and get on the road to draft dominance.


No matter what settings your leagues use, the Draft Engine is ready to help you win


With incoming tools like the Trade Engine, we're constantly finding new ways to serve customers

Powerful Design

Not only does the Draft Engine look sleek, it's also extremely easy to use


At only $1 per month, we're priced lower than almost every other fantasy football app on the market


Set your targets

Have some sleepers you want to target?

Use Draft Engine’s customized tool to create a list, and the Engine will sound the alarm to let you know when it’s time to pull the trigger. This way, you’ll get the players you want without reaching to take them earlier than you should.

Real-time suggestions

Never make a bad pick again! Draft Engine’s proprietary algorithms track the drafting trends and tendencies of your league’s owners before combining that insight with real-time positional supply and demand to generate highly accurate suggestions of which players on the board offer the best value at any given point of your draft.

Harness the power of the big board

Create a fully customizable experience by setting keepers and inputting trades of picks. Once the draft is underway, get a high-level view as the action unfolds—who went where, and to which fellow owners—so that you can use the Engine to navigate your way to dominance.

Get the Ultimate Advantage

Start drafting like a pro! With Draft Engine, you become the expert.



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Gear up for draft day

With fantasy football drafts just around the corner, crank up Draft Engine’s Mock Engine to simulate as many drafts as you’d like. Save the results and start anew as you prepare your personal war room for the big day.

The Draft Engine difference

Draft Engine has been arming users with winning fantasy football ammunition for more than a decade. Now powered by the latest web technologies, the power of Draft Engine is now more impressive and compelling than ever.

It all starts by choosing the right tools

Algorithms and projections at your fingertips

Get a huge leg up on your competition with fully customized industry-leading projections while your fellow owners use the same lists as everyone else.

Pick-by-pick suggestions

Simply tap on a player at any point and Draft Engine will confirm if it’s the right pick and the right time.

Positional Graphs

Utilize Draft Engine’s exclusive dashboard to analyze how the draft is shaping up and navigate to the finish.

Real-time report cards

Click any team in your league to see the picks and how they stack up against the competition.

Technical Support

Any question about how to integrate your product?. Don't fret, our geek team is ready for you.